General Conditions Rental of seasonal furnished accommodation

Terms and conditions

Rental of tourist accommodation



The prices are indicated in Euro. They are understood to be all-inclusive with the exception of certain optional services provided by service providers.

The rental price includes:

  • The supply of household linen for the duration of the stay (sheets, tea towels and towels).
  • The cleaning service at the beginning and end of the stay.
  • Internet access.
  • Electricity and water charges within the limit of “normal use”. Electricity consumption is included in the rates within the following limits: 150kw per day, water consumption within the following limits: 0.35m3 per person per day. Any abusive overrun of these packages may be subject to additional invoicing deducted from the deposit.

A security deposit of €1,000 (one thousand euros) by check or cash or by credit card debit authorization will be requested by the owner from the tenant when the keys are handed over.


Via the site, the customer has the calendar of availability and notifies the choice of dates of the stay by paying a deposit on the total amount of the variable rental according to seasonality. This payment is made by credit card via Paypal or Monetico (secure sites), The customer validates, for acceptance, these general conditions by ticking the corresponding box.


After receipt of payment, a notice is sent by email confirming the final reservation.

Will be attached to the booking confirmation:

  • The contact details of the rented accommodation, as well as the exact date and time of the handing over of the keys.
  • A telephone number of a contact if needed for the day of arrival.


At date, time and place said, the delivery of the keys and the provision of the accommodation will be made on site to the tenant against:

  • Payment of the balance of the stay in cash because we do not have a credit card terminal on site.
  • A security deposit (check or cash or credit card debit authorization) in the amount of 1000 euros
  • The signing of a rental contract in duplicate, these general rental conditions and an inventory of the premises.

It must be indicated on the rental contract, in the table reserved for this purpose, the number and the identity of the people brought to live, during all or part of the stay, in the accommodation.

A copy of the rental contract signed by both parties will be left with the tenant.



The duration of the stay is that provided for in the rental contract.

Unless agreed by both parties, any modification of dates will be considered as a cancellation. However, in the event of force majeure or unforeseen circumstances such as compulsory renovations, floods, etc., the owner reserves the right to cancel the reservation and undertakes to reimburse the costs, without compensatory compensation.

The reservation is not transferable.


Any cancellation of stay must be the subject, by the tenant, of an email with acknowledgment of receipt, addressed to:

Cancelation :

  • + 7 days before arrival: The deposit is retained.
  • Between 0 and 7 days: The entire rental is due.

Exemption for Covid 19 confinements
During a national general confinement imposed by the government, we have decided to relax the cancellation rules validated during your reservation.
We can trigger you a credit note valid for 1 year corresponding to your deposit in order to be able to postpone your stay to a later date. To benefit from it, you must make a request by email. Three conditions to be eligible for this credit:
- Your reservation date must be prior to the start date of confinement,
- Your date of stay must be during the confinement period,
- Your credit note request must be sent by email with AR before your date of stay.
Clarification: A Covid 19 infection or quarantine or contact case or a curfew or local confinement cannot be the subject of a credit request.


The duration of the stay is that provided for in the rental contract. Unless agreed by both parties, the owner will retain the full rental price due until the end of the stay.

In the absence of payment or non-compliance with the conditions of use of the rented property, the rental contract may be terminated automatically by the owner, without compensation or compensation.


This property offered for rent has a capacity of 2 adults.

This capacity cannot be exceeded under any circumstances.

Any person called to occupy, for all or part of the stay, the rented premises must be declared by the tenant and remains under his sole responsibility.

Due to its layout, its atypical layout and its spa equipment, this apartment cannot accommodate children, even young children.


The arrival and departure times are stipulated on the site and in the booking confirmation email.

For the handing over of the keys, you will be expected by the owner or a representative at a specific agreed time. Beyond 30min, any unforeseen delay may be subject to an over-invoicing amounting to €10 per 30min. To avoid this inconvenience, a telephone number will be attached to the confirmation, allowing you to warn of a late arrival, or to agree on a rescheduling of an appointment.
Unless there is an exceptional agreement with the owner, no reception can take place after 9:00 p.m.


Cleaning is done at the beginning and end of the stay (excluding dishes and household waste). This service is included in the rental price.

The tenant agrees before his departure:

  • To put the dishes in the dishwasher
  • To leave a clean room free of any rubbish or waste (use garbage bags for this purpose)

Failing this, the tenant is informed that the cost of additional cleaning intervention may be deducted from the amount of the deposit.


The customer will find in his studio, on his arrival, an established inventory.

A telephone number will be communicated to you to stipulate the differences noted between this inventory and reality.

In the absence of an appeal, the client will be considered as having purely and simply accepted the inventory.

When the customer leaves, an inventory will be carried out by the cleaning service and will give rise, in the event of differences with the initial inventory, to the invoicing of damage or objects taken away.

Illegal damage or removals will be debited from the security deposit of the customer who already gives his agreement in accordance with the provisions

SECURITY DEPOSIT (commonly called DEPOSIT below)

The tenant is required to leave the rental clean of any waste and the equipment and installations in good working order. Otherwise, the cost of repairing the rental and/or the equipment and installations will remain the responsibility of the tenant. This cost will be charged in priority to the deposit required by the owner at the time of entry into the premises.

Any balance of this deposit, less the cost of the work or the cost of replacing the damaged or missing property, will be returned by the owner to the tenant no later than 90 days after the end of the stay.

The owner will justify, at the first request of the tenant, all sums deducted from the deposit or claimed in this respect in addition to the deposit.

If no damage is observed after departure, the deposit will be returned or destroyed, as appropriate, within 72 hours.


The owner cannot be held liable in the event of theft or damage to personal effects in the rooms and apartments, including in the common premises and other outbuildings. The apartment is insured as a furnished apartment for seasonal rental. However, the tenant acknowledges having personal civil liability insurance with a holiday clause.

It is recalled here that the provisions of article 1952 of the Civil Code relating to hoteliers are not applicable.


The accommodation is occupied for residential purposes, with the persons named in the rental agreement.

It cannot be used for a professional activity, in the village hall or for the exercise of an activity contrary to French law and morality.

It is forbidden to disturb the neighborhood.

The tenant must respect the safety instructions and the rules of occupation of the premises applied in the latter which will be exposed to him by the owner upon his arrival.

The presence of animals is prohibited in the rental. The accommodation is non-smoking.

The use of the Internet by the tenant is subject to the French legislation in force and will remain the responsibility of the tenant if he derogates from this legislation.

Deviating from this contract would result in the immediate departure of the tenant(s), without notice and without return of the security deposit by the owner. The expulsion can be done, if necessary, by recourse to the public force.


In accordance with the law of August 07, 2004 relating to data processing, files and freedoms, on the protection of personal data, the owner informs the tenants that the personal data provided will only be used for the service requested. Only employees and suppliers who need to know this data in order to provide the best service to its customers will have access to it. In any case, tenants can exercise their right of access, opposition, rectification and cancellation provided for in the mentioned law.